Pharmaceutic Preparation Services

Pharmaceutic Preparation Services

The existence of the blood-brain barrier has greatly limited the development of stroke drugs. Therefore, the safe and effective delivery of active drugs to the brain is a long-term challenge for the medical community. Optimization of drug delivery routes and the development of appropriate drug delivery systems have given rise to new hope and new research directions. However, drug delivery to the brain remains a challenge. Ace Neuroscience has a dedicated technical team and extensive experience in this area. Based on our advanced equipment, we offer comprehensive services for the preparation of drug candidates for stroke.

Formulation Selection & Quality Study

Ace Neuroscience offers professional and comprehensive services for formulation selection and drug preparation.

  • We provide a preliminary understanding of drug candidates by testing their biological characteristics, hygroscopicity and wettability, and microbial properties.
  • We perform preclinical evaluation by measuring solubility, stability, intrinsic properties, and other properties
  • We perform crystallographic studies by X-ray diffraction and DSC to determine the crystalline form of the drug candidate and select the preparation process and quality criteria for the crystalline form.
  • We determine and optimize the composition and ratio of formulations by examining particle size distribution, carrier screening, pH adjustment and co-solvent selection, hygroscopicity, fluidity, surfactant solubilization and permeation enhancement, residual solvents, and other aspects.
  • We study the stability of formulations based on different forms of formulation and examine the effect of other factors including temperature, humidity, and light on the drug product.
  • We perform microbiological testing of drugs through antimicrobial testing of drugs, sterility testing of sterile formulations, microbial limit testing of non-sterile formulations, and other means.

Pharmaceutic Preparation Services

The Technology of Pharmaceutic Preparation

Ace Neuroscience optimizes the current methods used for blood brain barrier (BBB) delivery, resulting in completed delivery methods, including chemical and biological methods.

  • The chemical methods are mainly dihydropyridine-based brain-targeted chemical drug delivery systems and thiamine-based brain-targeted delivery systems.
  • Biological methods include receptor-mediated transport, transporter-received transport, adsorption-mediated transport, active efflux transport, and other methods.
  • We offer techniques for drug delivery across the BBB via the nasal and inner ear pathways.

Development of Drug Delivery Systems for Stroke Treatment

Nanosomes, liposomes, and exosomes have unique advantages as common brain drug delivery vehicles for targeted brain delivery. They are able to enhance the duration of action of drug candidates in the brain by increasing the concentration of the drug on the cell surface of the blood-brain barrier, increasing the circulation time of the drug in the blood, improving the intracellular delivery of the drug, biocompatibility, biostability and other aspects. With respect to relevant drug-targeted delivery technologies, Ace Neuroscience offers specialized and comprehensive services to expedite the delivery of your drug candidates for stroke treatment.

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All of our services are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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