Stroke Drug Development Targeting Blood Brain Barrier

The blood brain barrier (BBB) plays an important role in stroke. On the one hand, it can effectively participate in the regulation of the pathological process of stroke. On the other hand, during the development of stroke drugs, the BBB will affect the absorption and metabolism of drugs, which greatly limits the development of neurological drugs. Although stroke destroys the BBB, it remains a challenge for stroke drugs. Therefore, If the candidate drug can repair the BBB and relieve stroke while also penetrating the BBB it would be an ideal stroke drug. Ace Neuroscience offers comprehensive services to develop stroke drugs that target BBB.

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Blood Brain Barrier

Target Identification & Characterization

In view of the complex structure of BBB and the various physiological and pathological processes mediated by BBB, screening and obtaining specific targets is the key to the development of stroke drugs. Therefore, Ace Neuroscience has established specific platforms for the identification and characterization of BBB-related targets.

  • We use genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics platforms to perform high-throughput screening for differential genes and proteins of damaged BBB in stroke.
  • We have established in vitro and in vivo stroke models of target abnormal expression by drug administration and genetic manipulation to evaluate the role of candidate targets.

Screening of BBB Modulators

BBB can mediate inflammatory responses, oxidative stress, immune responses, and cellular regulation. Therefore, it is an effective treatment to regulate the pathological process of stroke by regulating BBB. Ace Neuroscience provides a specific screening platform for different BBB-related targets in stroke to accelerate the screening of potential modulators.

  • Based on our small molecule library, including ultra-large compound library, natural product library, and fragment library, we have established different high throughput screening platforms for targets and known BBB modulators.
  • We have established different experimental methods for BBB at the molecular and cellular levels, which can be used as carriers for high-throughput screening of potential targets.
  • We have established different experimental models of BBB in vivo to verify the regulatory activity of the candidate drugs on BBB.

Preclinical Evaluation of Drug Candidates for the Treatment of Stroke

For the validated BBB modulators, the validation of their pharmacological effects by regulating BBB in stroke treatment is a critical part of preclinical studies. Ace Neuroscience provides a series of comprehensive services to explore the pharmacological activity of candidate BBB modulators in the pathologic process of stroke.

  • We provide different stroke models in vitro and in vivo to validate the therapeutic effects of BBB modulators on stroke and further explore the pharmacological mechanisms of BBB modulators.
  • We quantify and localize differential genes and proteins by qPCR, ELISA, western blotting, immunohistochemistry, co-immunoprecipitation, and other assays to determine the mechanism of action of their drug candidates in regulating stroke process.

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