Stroke Drug Development Targeting Excitotoxicity

Excitotoxicity is the main mechanism of neuronal damage after stroke and one of the main directions for the development of neuroprotective agents. Therefore, the development of stroke drugs for excitotoxicity is an important aspect of stroke drug development. Despite the dramatic increase in the number of drug developments targeting excitotoxicity mechanisms in the past decades, only a few drugs have actually passed clinical trials. Sadly, many of these drugs have failed in preclinical studies for a variety of reasons. Excitotoxicity can affect the process of stroke onset through multiple pathways (Figure below). The development of stroke drugs that target these pathways can help save neurons from dying. With this in mind, Ace Neuroscience offers a variety of services for the development of stroke drugs targeting excitotoxicity based on our technology platform and expertise in this area.

Cascade of excitotoxicity in ischemic stroke.Fig. 1 Cascade of excitotoxicity in ischemic stroke.

Given the critical position of NMDAR in excitotoxicity, Ace Neuroscience offers comprehensive stroke drug development services targeting NMDAR.

  • Establish a platform for screening NMDAR ion channel antagonists to obtain candidate NMDAR antagonists
  • Provide appropriate in vitro and in vivo stroke models to validate the pharmacological effects of drug candidates on stroke
  • Establish pharmacokinetic models to study the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs

Stroke Drug Development Targeting the GluN2B Subunit of NMDAR

Since NMDAR has various isoforms and the current findings show that activation of GluN2B subunit-containing NMDAR induces neuronal death, Ace Neuroscience combined with our small molecule library to find GluN2B antagonists and validate their effects on neurons during stroke to effectively mitigate the neuronal damage caused by stroke.

Glutamate is the basis for inducing excitotoxicity. Therefore, Ace Neuroscience has a well-established technology platform to screen for active molecules that can effectively scavenge glutamate through various pathways and further validate the pharmacological activity of these candidate molecules in stroke, helping you to accelerate your research in developing stroke drugs targeting glutamate.

There are many other ways to develop stroke drugs that target excitotoxicity, such as modulating ion pump function, reducing Ca2+ overload, and more downstream signaling pathways. If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.


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All of our services are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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