Targeted Stroke Drug Development

Target-based drug development is one of the most important routes to new drug discovery. Ace Neuroscience has built a complete technology service platform for target-based drug development in stroke, including a small molecule library, drug screening platform, drug efficacy testing platform, pharmacokinetic testing platform, safety evaluation testing platform, and pharmaceutic preparation platform. In addition, we provide different services for both nucleic acid targets and protein targets in order to provide more targeted and directional services. Our professional and high-quality services are designed to facilitate the smooth progress of your research.

Targeted Stroke Drug Development

Development of Stroke Drugs Based on Differential Targets for Regulating Cell Activity

In stroke pathology, cell activity is crucial for the pathological process, especially in brain cells. Treatment of stroke with neuroprotection focuses on the rescue of neurons in the penumbra. Therefore, the development of stroke drugs against targets of cell activity-regulated processes is a potential way for stroke treatment. Ace Neuroscience provides comprehensive services for cell activity and related assays.

  • PSD-95 is essential for the survival of neurons and the normal maintenance of their function. It is involved in accelerating stroke pathology by interacting with other proteins and exacerbating the severity of stroke.
  • It has been demonstrated that there is a decrease in neuronal survival as well as nerve fiber growth due to a stroke-induced increase in Nogo-A. The development of small molecule inhibitors and antibodies against Nogo-A is an effective treatment way in ameliorating the damage caused by stroke.
  • Heat stress protein 70 (HSP70) plays an important role in regulating the programmed cell death pathway, and HSP70 may reduce the damage caused by stroke by regulating the programmed cell death process and enhancing anti-inflammatory capacity.
  • Notch is closely related to various life activities such as cell death, cell proliferation, and cell differentiation. Brain cells damaged by stroke are restored in time to save more brain cells with the regulation of Notch.

Development of Stroke Drugs Based on Differential Targets of Inflammation & Oxidative Stress Processes

Targeted Stroke Drug Development

Inflammatory and oxidative stress responses play an important role in stroke pathology. Therefore, the development of stroke drugs for differential targets of inflammatory responses and oxidative stress responses in stroke pathology is a potential therapeutic way. Ace Neuroscience offers comprehensive services to develop new stroke drugs for differential targets of inflammatory responses and oxidative stress responses.

At the same time, inflammatory responses and oxidative stress responses appear in many diseases, which makes targeted stroke drug development more difficult. We aim to solve the challenge with you through our professional and high-quality services.

  • We offer gene microarray and protein microarray technologies through which we can extensively screen for targets in inflammatory pathways and oxidative stress pathways with high specificity in stroke pathology.
  • We have professional drug screening platforms. We can develop and implement different drug candidate screening protocols for different targets and different pharmacological activities.
  • We have extensive experience in building stroke models and can establish appropriate stroke models to evaluate the pharmacological activity of drug candidates for different pathological conditions.

We offer comprehensive drug development services for other aspects of stroke pathogenesis. At the same time, we can tailor our research services exclusively to your research needs. If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.

All of our services are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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