Stroke Drug Development Targeting Cell Death

Several forms of cell death have been identified in stroke pathology, including cell apoptosis, cell necrosis, necroptosis, ferroptosis, pyroptosis, and other forms. Since cell apoptosis and cell necrosis are common and common forms of pathological processes, we do not share too much, but we provide relevant research services. If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.

We focus on the content of ferroptosis, pyroptosis and necroptosis. The stroke drugs targeting different types of cell death can modulate multiple pathologic pathways to achieve stroke treatment, which is an effective drug development direction. Ace Neuroscience provides a range of services to develop stroke drug targeting different forms of cell death.

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Cell Death

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Ferroptosis

Ferroptosis is a special cell death form, which can participate in the regulation of pathological processes by regulating metabolic processes, such as iron, lipid peroxidation and amino acids. Studies have shown that the damage caused by stroke can be effectively alleviated by inhibiting the process of ferroptosis. Therefore, Ace Neuroscience provides a range of services to explore stroke drugs targeting the process ferroptosis.

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Pyroptosis

Pyroptosis is a form of cell death closely related to inflammation, and its occurrence requires the participation of many specific proteins, such as inflammasome and Gasdermin protein family. Therefore, targeting these specific proteins to screen drug candidates and effectively inhibit pyroptosis is an effective treatment for stroke. Ace Neuroscience provides complete services to meet your research needs in developing stroke drugs that target the pyroptosis process. No matter where you run into problems, we have different solutions for you to choose from.

Stroke Drug Development Targeting Necroptosis

Unlike the passive cell death form of necrosis, necroptosis is a programmed death. It has been found that RIP1, RIP3 and MLKL are three specific proteins in necroptosis. Based on this feature, Ace Neuroscience provides comprehensive services to refine research to develop new drugs for stroke targeting the process of necroptosis. Therefore, based on our ultra-large small molecule library and advanced technology platforms, we further screen the specific proteins in the process of necroptosis, and target these proteins to screen potential modulators. We then evaluate the pharmacological activity of these candidate modulators in stroke.

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Stroke Drug Development Targeting Cell Death

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