Drug Efficacy Testing

Drug efficacy testing is crucial in the development of stroke drugs and it is the basis for the evaluation of new drugs. On the one hand, it determines the strength of action of new drugs through various biomarkers and other phenomena and elucidates the site and mechanism of action of new drugs. On the other hand, by quantitatively analyzing the relationship between drug candidates and diseases, we can clarify the characteristics of drug candidates' actions in order to maximize their effect and better use in treating diseases. In view of the importance of pharmacodynamic testing in stroke drug development, Ace Neuroscience offers a comprehensive range of pharmacodynamic testing-specific services to facilitate pharmacodynamic testing studies for all aspects of stroke drugs.

Behavioral Testing Services

Behavioral Testing Services

Behavioral testing is an essential part of the research process in animal models of stroke. Behavioral testing allows for more visual and specific changes. Therefore, Ace Neuroscience offers comprehensive services for post-stroke behavioral testing. Since stroke research is primarily conducted in rodents, our services are focused on rodents, but we also offer behavioral testing in cats, dogs, sheep, and non-human primates, combined with real-time imaging to obtain additional information.

Biomarker Measurement Services for Stroke

Changes in specific biomarkers after stroke can accurately and rapidly reflect many disease changes. Therefore, comprehensive screening and scientific detection of specific biomarkers are essential in stroke research. Ace Neuroscience screens for specific biomarkers in a high-throughput manner and then provides appropriate target testing services and analysis for the experimental protocol. Our professional and scientific services are designed to facilitate the smooth progress of your stroke research.

Quantitative Pharmacodynamic Analysis Service for Stroke

Quantitative Pharmacodynamic Analysis Service for Stroke

The quantitative analysis of pharmacodynamics is an important part of pharmacodynamic research, which helps to elaborate the mechanism of action of drugs and the characteristics of the action of pharmacodynamics so that we can better understand the process of drug action in the body. Ace Neuroscience provides comprehensive biotechnological services for the quantitative analysis of pharmacodynamic processes in stroke research. Our professional and high quality services are designed only to facilitate the smooth conduct of your research.

Our Advantages

Ace Neuroscience always maintains a reverent approach to scientific research.

We always keep abreast of the times, constantly enriching and updating our technology and equipment to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of our studies.

Our scientists take every study seriously, do not miss every detail of the experiment, and work rigorously and meticulously just to ensure the scientific validity and reproducibility of your study. If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.

All of our services are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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